Advance Auto
Fort Payne, AL
Advance Auto Parts (S&P BB+)
Second largest auto parts retailer in U.S.
Over 2,600 stores nationwide
AAP (Click for Yahoo Finance info)

905 Gault Ave.
Fort Payne, AL

Lease Expiry:     
Lease Rate:        $61,250
Expenses:           Double Net
Cap Rate:           7.00%          

7,000 SF Freestanding retail bulding
Concrete block construction with glass storefront
Free standing building in heart of the business district

Financing:  May be assumable at option of lender.  $515,000, 6.25% fixed for five (5) years.  If loan is
not assumed, property will be delivered free and clear of debt.

Price: $875,000
Cap Rate:  7.00%

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